I am a seasoned visual and interactive designer with a passion for music, history, fashion, technology,  and real-life social interaction.
My very first job was drawing copies of floor plans for an architect who worked with my father. My mother was shocked as it was the only time she could keep me occupied long enough to look away.
Since then I  have developed the ability to see the overall picture, mapping out a solid plan to navigate the creative process. I have found that having a clear sense to remain optimistic in the face any challenge, and the drive to deliver only the best allows me to focus on the creative details.
When I am not working you can often find me digging through dollar bins at local record shops, exploring city parks with my 15-year-old Yorkie Joey, or photographing the fascinating & diverse people and picturesque landscapes of the San Francisco Bay Area.
I am always open to discussing new & exciting opportunities.
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